Environmental Responsibility

Sulnor is committed to the preservation of the environment through an efficient management of its resources, processes and products.

Following this principle and through the continuous improvement of our environmental management system, we are committed to:

- Promoting with all the company’s employees a sense of individual responsibility in the employment of this policy, stressing the commitment and the importance of the preservation of the natural resources and the preservation of the environment;

- Complying with the laws and regulations, by applying the environmental standards in force, guided by ethical and integrity principles;

- Continually modernizing and improving our processes and products in order to reduce and prevent the environmental impacts and pollution, using techniques that harmonize the increases in quality and productivity with the use of renewable natural resources;

- Constantly evaluating the environmental performance using indicators;

- Involving our suppliers and service providers in the search for excellence in environmental control, demonstrating transparency in their actions.

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