SULNOR is one of the largest Portuguese companies involved in the design and manufacture of accessories for gas distribution networks, electricity distribution and transportation networks and public lighting networks. We also have one aluminium gravity foundry unit for the manufacturing of gravity aluminium alloy for technical parts.
SULNOR’s products are manufactured following extremely high quality standards, and the company’s production processes are based on European and international technical standards.

SULNOR employs more than 30 collaborators distributed by the administrative area and the production sector, which together total an area of 2,000 m2.

In permanent evolution, SULNOR has a functional, flexible and multi-disciplinary organization, where the investments are strategically planned and creative, in high technology equipment and in the perfecting of the know-how of its human resources, through an ongoing training and specialization program for its employees.

To meet the expectations of an increasingly competitive and highly demanding market, SULNOR’s products are distributed throughout the entire national territory with part of its production reaching more than 10 countries in Europe and Africa

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